Fall EP 2013

by False Hope

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released September 13, 2013

Produced by Matthew Tomasi

Recording, Mixing, Mastering by Matthew Tomasi @ Scatter Brain Sound



all rights reserved


False Hope Georgina, Ontario

4-piece hardcore straight out of the shit stain of Ontario.

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Track Name: Dead Father
You're the dead father of a forgotten son
Are your ears too weak to pick up the phone?
Just like the rest of your soul that decays and rots
Your hearts is absent, your love is lost.

Born into a world of depression and guilt
Happiness was a part of me I failed to build
I never lived in a heaven, all I had was a hell
I never wanted sympathy, I just wanted help
Track Name: Misery
Not even myself is satisfied with who I've become
I'm stuck here trying to find a reason to carry on
I just need to find a reason to stay alive
But nothing seems to fulfill what I wanted from this life

A happiness or a single though of comfort
A release from this daily struggle I face

I am trapped within my own thoughts of misery
Trying to break free for a happiness I can't see

Holding the gun with a bullet of relief in the chamber
I'm ready to pull the trigger and escape for my happiness

Death is my happiness
Track Name: Pawns
We have all become the corrupted ones
We are nothing more than their fucking pawns

Do you have faith in the people that control
Protect and serve
Lead our nation

We are all just pawns in the big fucking game we like to call society
They own us
We are all controlled by the people at the top
We all know that we are nothing
Track Name: Medication
When life expires
Will you even remember me?
Will my life be a blur?
Will we have our memories?

I can feel my hopes slipping away
These dreams have never been put in their place

The lies override the truth
I guess the honesty was never fucking there

I can't stress this enough;
The doctors never seem to find the pills that clean out my mind

I am out of my mind
Psychologically fucked
I won't take your help
It will never be enough

I guess it's true what they say;
Life sucks... Then you die
Track Name: Rulebook
Your god is a man
Who says everyone is equal
Except for women, those who love the same gender, and people of different colour

No one is equal in the almighty's eyes
You compete for his love, but you're naive if you try

You call it a bible
I call it a fairy tale
You say it's god's words
It's a fucking rulebook